Wednesday, 12 February 2014

[NEWS] MGS2 models?

So guys since I am still here and there with things, I decided to look in to getting the MGS2 PC models ripped in my free time now. But using the Solidus tools is pretty time consuming since you have to go through each MGS2 file to find each separate texture to the models. So I took a step back and used 3DX Ripper. Now it rips the textures and models nicely. Only downside to it, is that is sort of flattens the models in 3ds max once loaded up. But with a few edits here and there it is easy to fix and get the model looking good again. Another cool thing is 3DX Ripper bunches all the separate textures up in to one big texture. So this means easier texturing of the model. So I am gonna try to get MGS2 Snake in his MGS1 outfit out in a better position tonight and see if I can get him rigged. Will work on the other characters too. For now here is a render of how the first text to fix up and get Snake out looks.

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