Tuesday, 18 February 2014

[REL-GTA SA] MGS2 Scub Diver Raiden

Well Snake is proving to be tougher to get done right than I thought. So I decided to rig Raiden instead. Since I gave Sakai the MGS2 Raiden without the scuba mask and since he has rigged it, I decided to rig the Raiden model with the Scuba diver mask on. Seems to have come out alright. But if you see any bugs please tell me. Also I made some custom bump maps for the GTA SA normal maps plugin mod. No huge difference really, other than the lighting on the model looks a bit better. So enjoy! :)

Download link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/71327294/REL%20GTA%20SA%20MGS2%20Scuba%20Diver%20Raiden.zip

As always if you spot any errors or bugs on the model, then please post a comment on this post or the chatbox. Thank you and enjoy the model!