Sunday, 2 February 2014

[REL-GTA SA] MGS4 Psycho Mantis

'This is no trick! It is true power!' Here we have it! Psycho Manti' model as it appears in MGS4. It is no see through it is all solid. No pun intended. The in game see through business was an effect the game did with the model. So he is rigged to the bone set like normal. The hands are too but he hands don't look so good. But limitations as always. If you want me to make his hands static then I can. Anyway one again no original bump maps came with this model, so I made some custom ones for the time being. Also I am gonna start labelling which model release are for GTA SA and GTA 4 when I start rigging or doing some small for it again. Anyway enjoy this model!

Download link:

Link is temporary as dropbox has suspended my account again for generating too much traffic, which sucks as always. So a new link will be put here once dropbox is back to normal for me. Now if you spot any bugs or errors please do report them to me either here or in the chatbox. Thank you and enjoy the model!