Friday, 18 April 2014

[NEWS] & [WIP] Trying out vehicle modding and getting the DR1 red car in to GTA SA

So I have taken a stab at vehicle modding for GTA SA now. The results so far are kind of horrific but they look good. All I need to do is use 3ds model files and not obj ones which should result in the cars models appearing perfect in game. Also gonna have to delete some carcols colour code so it will only spawn and use the set textures the car needs. Anyway here is the progress so far. Hopefully I get it fixed and then this marks the first successful car mod I have done to GTA SA and something I have learnt in under 2 days. :)

Edited: I have now got things fixed. Apart from the wheels. They seem to be going crazy, Also I decided to use the original glass window model for the car in game so that requires less work for the original model. :) Once I figure out the wheels I will release this. :)

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