Thursday, 10 April 2014

[REL GTA SA] Metal Gear Solid 4 Small Snake face camos pack

So here we are. Three kinds of face camos Snake could use in MGS4. The masked Snake, the good old classic MGS1 polygon Snake head and Roy Campbell's head. So all are using the normal maps they came with. So if you have the normal maps plugin mod installed in your GTA SA you'll see them with bump maps in your own game. As always report any bugs to me if you see any that are really bothering.

Next up is gonna be a finished and released BIG BOSS! So keep an eye out tomorrow. (No pun intended. Actually pun is intended. xD )


  1. Hi boss, do you still have this file? I badly need to have this model again.. Please boss.

  2. I hope that you still have this file on your Dropbox.

  3. If you can move it to GTA Inside that would be helpful. I hope that you can still save some of your older files.