Wednesday, 2 April 2014

[WIP] MGS4 Old Snake Octocamo face camos and custom heads

So seeing as how the actual face camo heads may take a while to be extracted and uploaded. I decided to use the models I had. The MGS1 polygon head is the one from MGS4 as someone uploaded it for me as a request. Campbell's head is from his extracted model. So I just eshed it on to the octocamo suit since I am sure both models use the exact same textures and model. These are two of the original face camos. The other two are custom ones I did. Big Boss's MGS4 head on the octocamo suit and Raiden's end credits head on the suit as well. Also slightly related. I found out how to fix the alpha textures rendering thanks to a user on the project gaming forums. :) Anyway enjoy the renders for now. :)




  1. Whats the news about this?any progress?We'r waiting for this. Hope you'll finish it.

  2. i hope you make this skin please porfavor

  3. you had some talent solid... what about this!! you never release it? it was my favorite...

  4. Replies
    1. I do apologise but I've been busy with life since this, plus I lost the darn files to most of these that I never released.