Friday, 25 April 2014

[WIP] Beta Marine Victor Vance from GTA VCS

So you read that right. After browsing the PSP files of VCS I found the beta Vic Vance. The one who was in the Marines (USMC) instead of the Army. It is a cutscene only model left behind and it is only workable in the PSP files. If you try to access it with the viewer or anything from the PS2 model files it won't load sadly. But anyway the only part that was mission from him was his different pants, they were more cargo like than army camo like. But after coparing them to the Aveging Angel's outfit Pants from LCS I found out they are the same model and same texture, only edited. So with a bit of mesh modding and fixing up the UV's for the beta shirt, I managed to get a decent looking model done. Still needs some work, but right now it is looking good. Also on another note the LCS game has just one of the beta Tony models with all the models and textures intact on both the PSP and PS2 version. So I may release this one beta Vic and this one Beta Tony I have found for use in SA. Nice to have some fun variety right? Anyway here is a render of the Beta Vic.

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