Wednesday, 24 December 2014

[NEWS] Merry Christmas and Frank outfits update!

So guys I have been that busy this month that I have had no time for GTA SA stuff and no time for a quick christmas themed thing. So apologies for that. But I do have a update for the Frank over Niko mod. I have managed to replace one of the suit outfits in gta 4 with a suit from dr1 that has three different colours for the outfit model, So here are the pics! :)

Yeah there are a few issues with the balance on the models spec maps and such. Will be looking in to that soon as well as fixing up the bugs on his face too. Since no one messages me stating any bugs I got a friend to test it and he spotted a few for me. So there is that to look forward to next year probably. But yeah apologies again for not getting something Xmas themed done. But I can't do everything as much as I wanted to. So yeah Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all! :)

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