Sunday, 7 December 2014

[NEWS] So guys I am busy with life... and my mods being hosted on other sites?!

So guys I have been busy a lot lately and I am sorry for that. But job interviews are coming up and I need to go forward with them. But I will be back to modding fully soon. Now on to more serious matters. I have been seeing my mods hosted on other sites and none of these other sites have asked for permission. So starting from now any mods I release can only ever be hosted here. If I or any of you see my mods elsewhere, please message the hoster of my mod on this other site and tell them to either contact me or for them to remove hosting it as I am the only one who is to host it here. Here is an example. Since the website is in another language I can't really speak to them. So if any of you guys can send a message to them. That will be great. Thanks and see you guys soon!

The site I am talking about is here:

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