Wednesday, 17 December 2014

[REL-GTA 4] Frank fully rigged over Niko with face rig too! (Public beta test release)

So here it is, finally done. Well the best I could do but there may be bugs or things I missed. So this release will serve as a public beta test release. What this means guys is I want you to use this model and report any issues to me that need fixes. Since this is my first full over player model rig. It is bound to have bugs sadly. But as long as you guys test and give me info and pictures we can all work to full make this model rig 100% good. So for this I ask you to not make any videos with this model till it is 100% bug free. In this release you'll get default Frank from DR1, over Niko and his default outfit, and 2 of his dlc outfits that were basically texture reskins of his default outfit and a extra set of black pants from his man in black dlc outfit too. So test this a lot guys and help me to get it 100% nice looking. Thanks :)

Yes all the glasses work with him and some hats if you have simple native trainer to remove the defaul hait and make him bald. :)

So have fun testing! :)


Also once everything is fully 100% worked out with your guys help and surpport I will work on changing some of the fancier gta 4 suits with dr1 outfits as the default gta 4 ones don't work too well with Frank's all in one head. :)

Edit: No need to report bugs about the pants and jacket. I just saw them and those will be worked on soon. :)

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