Tuesday, 9 December 2014

[WIP] First GTA 4 rig Johnny Klebitz from TLAD in his old GTA 4 outfit

Update 10/12/2014!
I have finally got all the models rigged together and now they look good. though for some reason I can't get rid of the over shiny look to the models. Will have to look at it more tomorrow. But for now here is how the complete thing looks in game. :)


So I have finally got in to GTA 4 modding and to start off I am gonna give Johnny his old GTA 4 outfit back to replace his black leather jacket one in TLAD. Originally Rockstar was gonna make it so TLAD you could change between the GTA 4 outfit and his new TLAD one. But for some reason they didn't bother. So now I am gonna give him his old outfit back. Bare with me though as GTA 4 model rigging takes a good bit of time to learn for some. And since I have 2 years of gta sa rigging I have fairly picked it up fast. So enjoy some WIP pics of it so far. :)

What I need to do is move the upper model and eventually the legs back a bit so his neck isn't clipping through. Though the arms and general movement are rigged nicely. So if I can spend a bit more time on this you guys could see this released rather soon. :)

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