Thursday, 14 July 2016

[REL-GTA SA] Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain Masked olive camos Laughing Wallaby

So got this rig done of a masked Laughing Wallaby from MGSV TPP. Had fun rigging this and it seems to have came out so well. Also the normal maps were something I merged with the main textures. This adds more detail to the textures without the need of a normal map plugin in. So I hope you guys have fun with this.

Thanks for that Boss! (Click here to download)


  1. Awesome ports my friend!!Nice to see you back around.
    Keep up your work!

    1. Like I always say I am never gone. Just here doing little bits these days. :) Still hard working as ever though.

  2. Just awesome!!! it would be great to see GRU Soldiers, or the Ocelot Unit too on SA, nice work anyway!!