Wednesday, 6 July 2016

[REL-GTA SA] Vice City Stories save game disk over SA save game disk

Something a little quick I decided to do cause I like how each game minus GTA 3 and the hD era gta's have a unique save game icon to walk in to and a save your game, So yeah this replaces the standard SA floppy save disk with the VCS save disk.

Welcome to the 80's Vic! (Click here to download)

I know it isn't my usual routine to top release simple stuff like this, but personally I love a lot of the LCS and VCS content. So I will be working on that stuff for a bit. This includes more of the weapons, some cutscene weapons and possible some of the mission objectives. Maybe I will use some of the interiors to make SA's prperties a bit more unique. Who knows. :)

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