Friday, 29 July 2016

[WIP & NEWS] Custom GTA5 Online characters to GTA SA?

So yeah found the right way to get ninja ripper working with GTA 5 now, so I can now rip people's custom GTAO heads that their character have. So if you guys want to see your GTA0 characters in GTA SA all you need to do is either own the PC version of GTA 5 and add me via the rockstar social club so you can join my game and I can rip your model, or if you can remember the settings you chose for your character, give me those and I can recreate your character via the second character slot in GTAO. :)

Some render shots of my guy from GTAO.

1 comment:

  1. Nice lookin' character, my friend.
    Hope you get more models from gta online/ gta v ported, they are great to have in SA.
    Keep it up (Y)