Saturday, 2 July 2016

[WIP] GTA Vice City Stories Vic Vance in casuals, R* Lax shirt and custom reskin beta casuals.

So got in to porting and converting VCS stuff to SA again as VCS is possibly one of my fave of the GTA titles and one I always wish got ported to PC. Anyway here I am working on Vic in his blue shirt casuals, the R* Lax outfit you get for 100% the game and a custom reskin that changes the blue shirt to yellow like it was in beta and pre-release screen shots of VCS. Not sure when I'll get these out and they have some bugs you can't really see here.

Like the Toni model I did, this model uses the cutscene model and has a completely rigged mouth that works with near enough all of SA's anims for peds.

Also yeah I am on a low poly high with getting access to the lcs and VCS models again, can blame LCS Mobile for that as it made grabbing the models easier. :)


  1. Awesome, I can't wait until you release them, It would be so freaking nice to play as Cutscenes Salvatore Leone from LCS or Mobile Phone Sal, anyway, Awesome work!