Saturday, 15 December 2012

[REL] Chuck Greene in the Journalist Suit AKA Frank's DR1 Default Outfit!Celebrating 30,000+ Views!

Hey everyone.Sorry I haven't been posting a lot.Been bad for a week and recently got a bad cold.Anyway heres a model release I finally got done to celebrate 30,000+ Views!It is Chuck in the Journalist Suit AKA Frank's DR1 Outfit.Now before anyone asks this is not the outfit from DR2 Case West.This is the actual outfit model from the DR1 model files from the xbox 360 game and the model parts of Chuck from the DR2/OTR PC games.So you will find this model no where else besides here on my blog here.If you do see it anywhere else please report it to me and I will check it out and deal with it.Anyway guys enjoy this model.Also sorry to the people expecting it to be the banned UMVC3 Magneto outfit.Also sorry for any bugs you find on this model.It was a tough model to work with.If the bugs bother you then leave a comment in the comment box of this post or the chat box and I will fix this model for you guys.Anyway enjoy! :)

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