Sunday, 2 December 2012

[WIP] UMVC3 Phoenix Wright DLC outfit aka his College outfit from the Ace Attorney game Trials and Tribulations

So this is a WIP I am doing right now seeing as I wanted to rig this model for a while.I have extracted this myself from the UMVC3 files.I had some problems with his head but I managed to sort that out before I rigged him.Also this will include two different versions of his DLC outfit.The one with his English name initials and one with his Japanese name and initials.Heres how he looks right now.

English Version

Japanese Version

Now I may rig Maya some day.She is kinda more complicated to rig than Phoenix/Ryu is.So keep your eyes peeled.Also I will be rigging the UMVC3 Character weapons too.Like Thor's Hammer and Captain America's shield.So till then keep a eye out on this blog.Follow it if you like to get alerted sooner. :)

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