Wednesday, 19 December 2012

[REL] DR1 Frank in his default outfit! (Beta release)

So here you go guys DR1 Default Frank!Now as you can tell from the title this is a beta release.I named it a beta release as Frank is a big buggy on his neck.I need to smooth out that part of his model.Anyway the rest of him is working great and I really wanted to release him.So here he is.I will work hard on fixing his neck so we can all enjoy a bug free DR1 Frank :)

Edit: Download link for this beta release is now gone and been replaced with the fixed no buggy final release of DR1 Frank.Check the post at the top of this post to download the bug free versuon. :)

P.S. Please do not steal my work!Especially this one as I have spent far to much time on it as it is right now!Thank to all the honest people out there and I hope you enjoy all my models :)

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