Tuesday, 4 December 2012

[REL] UMVC3 Phoenix Wright DLC outfit model!

Well guys after many hours of not getting anywhere with rigging the hands properly I decided to rig the whole hand to one bone.So now I can give you Phoenix Wright in his DLC outfit from UMVC3!This is him in his college outfit you get to see him wearing during the Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulations game.This pack included both textures for his English name and initials on his chest and feet and his japanese one.I hope you enjoy this model and appriciate all the hard work I put into this.So enjoy!Also if you spot any bugs then please post about it in the comments or on the chat box.Thank you guys. :)

Download Link: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/71327294/UMVC3%20Phoenix%20Wright%20DLC%20outfit%20for%20GTA%20SA.rar


  1. .Make more HD model bro ,, ^^
    .I Like Your Skin ...

    1. Thank you.Yeah the textures for most of the UMVC3 models are are not that much HDish cause of how they were designed by capcom XD Yeah I'll work on more models soon.