Thursday, 6 December 2012

[WIP] UMVC3 Magneto banned DLC outfit!

So I got a little treat for you guys.I am gonna rig Magneto's banned DLC outfit from UMVC3!Why was it banned you ask?Well for the people from spain you can see it looks similar to one of the spanish royalties outfits.So that said royalty complained to capcom and the outfit never got released for download.Well it is technically on the disc already with all the other DLC.But you know.Anyway it can not be used in UMVC3 at all unless you use a glitch on a unpatched version of UMVC3.Anyway this is something I am gonna rig to GTA SA to celebrate over 30,000 views so far!Heres a render from 3ds max for you to gaze at till this is released :)

Edit: Heres a in game pic for you all! :)
Yeah he still needs some work :)


  1. I dont know why but the face reminds me of solid snake :D

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  3. Do you think you could send me the model in .obj format via Dropbox or something, please ? I don't need it rig or anything it's for a future project of mine (nothing to do with GTA) and having this particular model would help me quite a lot ! If you don't want to give it to me, it's totally fine but i would appreciate if you could answer me as quickly as possible (relatively soon) no matter what is your answer !

    Thank you for your time !